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Let's talk about consumers and energy in the Carolinas

Many organizations talk about specific sectors of the energy equation, and with lots of labels – clean, dirty, renewable, nuclear, natural gas, efficient, resilient among them. What is the future of energy in the Carolinas’ for consumers? Who owns and manages our energy supplies? Are there experts in reliable and cost-effective delivery of electricity? Are suppliers ready for and are they investing in the future? What are possible directions of delivering and using electricity? What are the roles of renewables, energy storage and base load generation? Where can people go to ask questions and get diverse feedback? Energy Consumers of the Carolinas' goal is to fill that need. These are critical questions. A lot of viewpoints. An evolution of ideas. Respectful approaches.

  • Percent from nuclear energy

  • Total energy consumed per capita

  • Percent from nuclear energy

  • Total energy consumed per capita


Voices for Consumers and Carolina Energy

Scott Carlberg

Executive Director
Scott Carlberg has worked in organizations in electric, oil, gas, pipeline, and research in the energy industry, and is based in North Carolina.

Bea Wray

Director, South Carolina
Bea is an author, entrepreneur and mother of three. She recognizes the important role energy plays in any business and household.

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