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Not Everyone Can Pay Higher Rates

Santee Cooper rates to increase. A $13 dollar a month increase in rates is anticipated by Santee Cooper over the next few years, said Santee Cooper (increase rates for the nuclear debt). As consumers are on the hook for the billions in debt it is even more important to get the figures out, consistent and Read more about Not Everyone Can Pay Higher Rates[…]

Be Well – Sell

From Scott Carlberg The financial rating of Santee Cooper relies in a large part on its ability to easily raise rates on customers. No other organization reviews and approves a Santee Cooper raise in rates. The Santee Cooper board is the group that can raise rates. By itself. Are you a customer? As Santee Cooper Read more about Be Well – Sell[…]

Five Interesting Energy Stories – April 2019

Wind power and military power, lithium deposits, sun power and a daily carbon count are some of the five interesting energy stories in April. Every month (every day!) there is something going on in the energy space. We’ll start closest to the Carolinas and then go worldwide. Getting a Charge in the Carolinas Lithium-ion batteries are in Read more about Five Interesting Energy Stories – April 2019[…]

Energy Employees Create a Buzz in the Community

This week is National Volunteer Week, and Lineworker Appreciation Day is April 18. There is a common thread in both – values. Recent news stories about “lineman rodeos” show the dedication and hard work of these electric industry people. A look at electric company websites report stories of many employees working in the community. While Read more about Energy Employees Create a Buzz in the Community[…]

Speak Up About the NC Clean Energy Plan

In North Carolina, your household, health and finances can be impacted by Executive Order No. 80 – North Carolina’s Commitment to Address Climate Change and Transition to a Clean Energy Economy. This is a process for many citizens to note, not just people in an energy discipline. Far-reaching Impact The process behind the order is Read more about Speak Up About the NC Clean Energy Plan[…]

Energy Resources: Variety is Good!

The old phrase about the danger of “putting all your eggs in one basket” is true, especially in our energy system. News and press releases may tout the advantage of one kind of energy generation over another: Wind, solar, hydro, gas, biomass, wave … but read that news with care. When all the chips are placed Read more about Energy Resources: Variety is Good![…]

Electricity + April 1st = April Fuels

People who work in the electric industry get some unusual questions. Befitting April 1, we gathered some questions from utility communicators from across the country. If nothing else, maybe we will bust some urban legends. A number of questions are about new technology. Given the far-reaching functions of electric technology, maybe the confusion is easy Read more about Electricity + April 1st = April Fuels[…]

It’s Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting Season

As an electric customer, being able to tap the shoulder of your electric company leader while at the local diner or grocery store is pretty cool. That kind of closeness is a trait of electric cooperatives, which typically have compact service areas compared to large electric companies. Cooperatives operate on a non-profit, cost-of-service basis. North Read more about It’s Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting Season[…]

It’s Spring and Debt Relief Is In the Air!

From Scott Carlberg Last week the South Carolina House and Senate both started down a road to sell Santee Cooper and relieve the massive debt hanging over the heads of consumers. Now, the legislature needs to complete that journey by closing the sale.  That’s the only outcome that will provide a financial benefit to South Read more about It’s Spring and Debt Relief Is In the Air![…]