From Scott Carlberg

What a year in Carolina energy! Recently Energy Consumers of the Carolinas picked out some of the big themes. Each has a lot of innovations, policy needs, and customer actions behind them. Here are the blogs:

“Smart” Has to be More Than a Catchphrase:  Our point is that people are smart, not hardware or software. New technologies have to be effectively planned and implemented to be useful.

Accountability Matters: This applies across the energy industry, and with the people who regulate it. ECC noted Santee Cooper issues in particular because of the out-sized negative impact of debt and managing its business. Opportunities to reconcile these concerns can be handled quickly and efficiently.

The Climate: It’s Serious: The call for more concerted action to change the course of the climate got a lot louder in 2019. For coastal states in particular this is an issue.

There’s No “Best” Energy Source:  All energy sources have positive and not-to-positive traits. A good energy portfolio has varied options for differing conditions and energy demand.

Our bottom line on the year is that customers have increasing control and that comes with a need for customers to be educated about energy and clearly make their voices heard. As we said in our blog, Closing Out the Energy Decade,  “Change will happen. On many fronts, too. It will not just happen but will take place faster and will result in a better product, but everyone needs to evolve with it.”