Think of a circuit breaker in your home or business. Now think of a circuit breaker without the old mechanical switch. A digital circuit breaker.

That is the most basic idea of what a Charlotte entrepreneur, Ryan Kennedy, is doing. The publication, Smart Grid Today, has released a podcast interview with Ryan. Nice exposure. The Carolina company has had a lot of exposure.

Here’s how Smart Grid Today describes his work: “Ryan Kennedy is co-founder and CEO of Atom Power, a company that invented what it believes is the first ever solid-state digital breaker switch, allowing digital automation of electrical distribution – at variable scales within the same device.”

Atom Power featured in Popular Mechanics.

In the podcast Kennedy says, “The value behind creating a semiconductor-based circuit breaker is that now we can digitally control the flow of energy. We don’t have to worry about physically going to something to open and close the breaker.”

It is significant. The digital approach can change a lot about electric systems in buildings. “This is more than a product. It is a platform,” says Kennedy. Referring to building managers he says, “Everybody wants visibility and control.” Atom Power can increase the intelligence behind electric systems.

ECC featured Ryan Kennedy in our 2018 Labor Day salute, which focused on Carolina energy, noting, “For more than 20 years Ryan worked in large, high profile commercial electrical projects, some as an electrician, some as an engineer, and some as a project manager.”

Now, as a Carolina entrepreneur he says, “We’re just getting started.”

Here’s where to find the podcast.