“Santee Cooper desperately needs a house cleaning. The entire board. The entire management team. All of them. Then use a MiB Neuralyzer on anyone who’s left,” Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey, a Republican from Edgefield, tweeted Thursday.

The MiB Neuralyzer is a fictional device from the Men in Black movie franchise that wipes the minds of memories.

Yes, Santee Cooper has gotten so bad that South Carolina leaders fantasize about using science fiction to wipe out the whole mess.

But South Carolina – and Senate leaders like Massey – don’t need science fiction to get out of the Santee Cooper black hole.  Nor do they need to keep placing their faith in a rogue agency that misleads, evades and, disappoints again and again.

NextEra has made an offer to buy Santee Cooper.  They bring a track record – lest anyone forget – of rates lower than the industry average, energy that’s cleaner than the industry average and a portfolio of awards for ethics, diversity and employment.

NextEra would bring that competence and capability to South Carolina on day one, ready to be an active partner in helping the state grow in the wake of 2020 and the economic aftershocks of a once-again surging pandemic.

We don’t need to rely on science fiction for a solution to Santee Cooper.  There’s a real and workable solution in front of our noses.


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