February 27, 2018

About Us

Many organizations talk about specific sectors of the energy equation, and with lots of labels – clean, dirty, renewable, nuclear, natural gas, efficient, resilient among them. There is a need for broader conversation about the consumer end of the supply chain.

  • What is the future of energy in the Carolinas’ for consumers?
  • Who owns and manages our energy supplies?
  • Are there experts in reliable and cost-effective delivery of electricity?
  • Are suppliers ready for and are they investing in the future?
  • What are possible directions of delivering and using electricity?
  • What are the roles of renewables, energy storage and base load generation?
  • Where can people go to ask questions and get diverse feedback?

Energy Consumers of the Carolinas’ goal is to fill that need. These are critical questions.  A lot of viewpoints. An evolution of ideas. Respectful approaches.