February 6, 2018


Welcome to Energy Consumers of the Carolinas.


Energy Consumers of the Carolinas advocates for fair, clean and reliable electricity through constructive dialogue.

What We Do

The subject of this site: Energy Consumers of the Carolinas. Pretty straightforward, really. Something that includes every Carolinian looking at this website.

Why? There is always something to learn about energy because it is a complex issue including technology, money, environment, regulations, and of course, customers. Especially customers, ultimate arbiters of successful products and services.

All the more reason to have a site that puts ideas about energy consumers on the web. Nothing fancy. Nothing that necessarily tries to deliver a final verdict, but something that asks questions and makes observations knowing more information will come in and the topic will evolve.

This is a site about learning. There will be blog posts with short items of note, original content and observations about reports and news items that may relate to our everyday lives of being energy consumers in the Carolinas.