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Energy Consumer Weekend – September 18

Something prophesied for decades may be happening now: Peak Oil. As with so many things, though, it is not happening in the way many experts thought. Whether it is occurring and what it means to consumers has varied possibilities. Consumers may feel long-term implications in their daily living. “Peak Oil is the point in time […]

Energy Density and “Battery Day”

Energy consumers will hear more about the idea of energy density. That is the amount of energy that is stored in a particular area per unit of volume. In other words, an exceptionally large space that contains little ability to make energy is low density. A small volume that can create a lot of energy […]

Santee Cooper – It’s Not a Game

The ongoing surprises of Santee Cooper can be gone in a relative heartbeat if it is sold to an investor-owned utility. Period. No more debates about what kind of surprise is next. Done. The State of South Carolina has a lot of other issues on its agenda. Santee Cooper is an obvious decision that can […]

Big Utilities Have Special Weather Skills

Hurricanes and other weather phenomena are changing. ECC wrote about that last week as we talked with the author of A Furious Sky, a 500-year history of hurricanes. (See it here.) Utilities are well-versed in weather forecasting and how it is changing. We checked in with two senior meteorologists at Dominion Energy to discuss how […]

Energy Consumer Weekend – Sept. 11

Business is more than business, more than a corporate balance sheet. Consumers want to know more about the companies that serve them, more than bottom line figures. Important topics are about ESG – environmental, social, and governance. These are activities like community engagement, sustainable practices, leadership, board information, diversity, ethics, workforce development, meaningful philanthropy, and […]

Be Alert to Changes in Hurricanes

“Time for the most active part of hurricane season,” said Jacksonville’s WJXT meteorologist Mark Collins. “The season is about to go into overdrive,” he added, “75% of all tropical activity typically occurs after Aug. 28.” That isn’t just a concern just for regular folks, but utility companies, too. These companies must build power systems to […]

Energy Consumer Weekend – Labor Day 2020

Perhaps more this year than other Labor Days has a particularly special meaning. Essential workers of all kinds have been in the headlines … because of hurricanes, floods, wildfires, extreme heat, and a pandemic! ECC emphasizes energy and there is no lack of essential workers in the energy industry. We chose for this Labor Day […]

Santee Cooper Customers Stuck Again

Stuck again. Santee Cooper customers, that is. The company is turning 100 cents of customer dollars into a whole lot less. Costs of paying for unbuilt nuclear plants. Customers are committed to pay for nuclear costs for years (though it does not have to be that way, you’ll see.) There is a nuclear settlement for […]