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Is Air Cleaner During the Pandemic?

Air pollution is declining during the Coronavirus pandemic. Fewer miles are driven. Manufacturing is reduced. Offices shutdown. We see the results as less carbon-based fuels being used. The change is significant and fast. “This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event,” said […]

Energy Consumers Week – April 3

Lots happening this week in energy and here is a quick summary of important topics. So many stories are out there about people who are doing so much good while our nation copes with the pandemic. And then there is this: Utility Scams Proliferate During COVID-19 Outbreak. “Scammers are becoming especially active in the wake […]

Lakes – Still Protected, Always Protected

South Carolina lakes are protected. Have been, will always be. The issue was raised briefly on a terrific clean energy webcast March 31 moderated by the South Carolina Conservation Coalition. In reviewing the management, sale and reform concepts for Santee Cooper, it is good to see this lakes rumor officially go away. The Department of […]

Quick Take – 2020 Hurricane Forecast Released

Expect 14-18 tropical storms during this upcoming season, seven to nine are expected hurricanes, and two to four are expected to be major hurricanes. Hurricane season if officially June 1 to November 30. “It’s going to be an above-normal season,” Dan Kottlowski Accuweather expert said. “On a normal year, we have around 12 storms, six […]

MUSC Is a Power Player

Saving lives, saving resources. The Medical University of South Carolina applies its good thinking to medicine and patients. It also applies its analytical skills to saving energy, too. Carolinians can be proud of MUSC’s work. In 2009 MUSC made its first run at energy efficiency. That resulted in more than two-million kilowatt hours saved and […]

A Green New Deal in North and South Carolina?

Going viral is easier with a catchy name. The Green New Deal is that kind of name and will undoubtedly be heard more often in an election year. While the GND is discussed at the national level, states each have actions they can take. So a recent Popular Science item caught our eye: What a […]

Nuclear Energy Is Roughly a Third of US Power

Twelve U.S. states generate more than 30% of their electricity from nuclear power. The U.S. Energy Information Agency reported that. Overall, nuclear energy provides 20% of our nation’s power. 30 states have nuclear plants, though this carbon-free energy can be sent across state borders, so more than 30 states benefit from this power. Three states […]

How a Utility Contributes to a Strong Service Territory

Essential services is a term tossed around a lot during the pandemic. My mind immediately goes to utilities when the words are mentioned. Electric utilities are a bedrock of essential services. Yet headlines about utilities in the past week have been about stress on the power utilities as the economy grinds down. As business slows, […]

Spring (and Tree Trimming) Are in the Air

Springtime is almost here. Plants will grow. Temps rise. BBQs get fired up. For many homeowners, utility company tree trimmers will also be around. ECC thought about that when it saw Union Power’s good LinkedIn message: “During the month of March, our crews are performing right-of-way clearance and maintenance in Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, and Union counties. […]