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Clarity in Power Utility Communications is Important

Companies that communicate well often do well, too. Ample and clear communications show an attention to detail, that the company understands what stakeholders need to know, and the company is happy to get all its story out. We have seen some excellent examples of clear, easy-to-find corporate information, and want to pass those your way. […]

Quick Take – Coal Continues Its Slide

Change in the energy sector continues, if not actually accelerating. The latest evidence is the collapse of what had been the kingpin of power – coal. It’s happening all over the world, too. “Each market is different, but the trends in markets as diverse as the U.K., Spain, Australia and Texas all show profound changes […]

What Makes a Successful Power Utility?

Being a winning utility in the 2020’s is way more than just keeping the lights on. New dimensions of corporate character are evolving for this industry, among the oldest and most traditional on the business scene. Innovation breeds new responsibilities. Think about it. For example, increased data collection spurs the need to protect people’s data. […]

Quick Take – Why Does Ice Cause Power Outages?

Ice. That’s a heavy topic. Really. Especially when it comes to power lines. Here we are at what is often the coldest part of the coldest month of the year, January. North and South Carolina have had some memorable ice storms, some as early as the start of December. I know one Carolina-based utility emergency […]

Investment Firm Feels the Heat about Climate

Activists in climate debates have pressed utilities and state governments about reducing carbon emissions. That has been in the news. Lesser headlines have noted activists pressing on financial firms. Until now. The world’s largest fund and private equity management company, Blackrock, said its plans to exit investments that “present a high sustainability-related risk” (Source) Larry […]

Quick Take – The Changing View of Energy Resilience

An old term in electric power has a new meaning. Resilience. The definition is different now and reflects how the industry is changing. A recent column we saw called, Behind the Buzzword: A Brief History of Energy ‘Resiliency’, does a terrific job describing the change. Essentially, resilience used to mean getting the power quickly restored […]

Making Energy from Ocean Currents

The Gulf Stream may be considered as a river in the ocean. It’s just offshore North Carolina and could be a source of electricity. ECC got to hear a presentation at a Raleigh energy conference from one of the scientists researching this concept. We are passing this along because it shows how creative and thoughtful […]

Crunch Time for South Carolina Energy

The Charleston Post and Courier ran a pointed editorial Saturday, January 11: 6 ways the SC Legislature can make our state better in 2020. Interesting list, good level-set launching into 2020. Two parts of that editorial go hand-in-hand ECC thinks. The editorial says to settle the Santee Cooper issue and, “Meet our obligations.” Holding Santee […]

Energy Company Skills Can Be Used in Unexpected Ways

Think about the ocean and energy. First thing that likely comes to mind is an offshore oil rig. Drilling on the continental shelf or in the sea has been around for decades, and debated in the Carolinas. Think again. Go beyond petroleum. Maybe oil or gas is not the only energy offshore. The ocean can […]