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Mix and Match – Solar Energy and Storage Pair-up

Maybe 1 + 1 can equal 3. At least with one energy match-up. Two North Carolina universities help show how. Energy Consumers says that is good thinking, too, because energy companies and consumers need to put together power system in new ways. Here’s the story. When a power system combines energy storage and solar power […]

Electric Vehicle Battery Materials Have Environmental Issues

The batteries that make electric vehicles run clean have a challenge of their own. Mining and producing the lithium for the batteries have an emissions footprint that needs to be cleaned up. The issue has come up because Germany has discovered enough lithium in the Rhine River Valley to power 400 million electric vehicles. “The […]

Best States for Business List is Revealing

CNBC’s “Best States for Business” for 2021 is out. North Carolina, strong numbers. South Carolina, see me after school, you didn’t turn in your homework. The reason to even mentioned the annual CNBC ranking is a new criterion in the evaluation – “We rate each state’s utility infrastructure … reliability of the power grid.” It […]

Crunch Time for Santee Cooper

Santee Cooper has its work cut out for itself given the actions of two other South Carolina utilities. We’ll see if the Santee Cooper organization can rise to the occasion, or even if it is asked to rise to the occasion by the state. Dominion Energy had to recently modify its Integrated Resource Plan and […]

Be Prepared – Elsa Sets a Record

Following the fireworks of July 4th the Southeast prepares to look at the sky some more, but for Elsa, the hurricane and tropical storm. Elsa may pre-sage things to come and prepare for. Elsa set records already. “Climatologically, Elsa’s development is a step into the unknown on several fronts. For the first time in forever, […]

Electric Energy Helps Make Us Independent

Electricity is an enabler of necessities and luxuries Americans enjoy. Power keeps us in touch and in tune. Electric power reaches almost 100% of homes. In a real sense, the availability of power provides important independence. This 4th of July, our 245th, Americans will celebrate not simply the independence of our country but a system […]