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Weekend Energy Consumer – Holiday Safety Edition

Steal an idea from Santa this holiday season: Check everything twice. That’s important as you use electricity. Wise use of power can affect your health, safety, and bank account. ECC checked various sources about the ways to improve our holiday use of energy. We’ll highlight a few and make sure you have the links that […]

Thanksgiving Gobbles Up Energy

Thanksgiving is a powerful holiday. Really. The electricity used to cook on Thanksgiving is enough to power an LED bulb for 1,400 hours; light eight hours a day for half a year. Thanksgiving cooking power breaks down like this based on 60% of US households using an electric oven to cook (source): Turkey (8 kWh) […]

Energy Has “The New Map”

“The notion of a fast track to a wholesale energy transition runs up against major obstacles – the shear scale of the energy system that supports the world economy, the need for reliability, the demand for mineral resources for renewables, and the disruption and conflicts that result from speed.” Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize winner for […]

Weekend Energy Consumer: Natural Gas Ban Edition

The headline: San Francisco votes to ban natural gas in newer buildings. That means heating and cooking with natural gas. That means apartments and homes, not just businesses. Dozens of cities have enacted similar bans, many in California. The idea is that natural gas is a fossil fuel, so it creates emissions, so banning it […]

Quick Take – Denver, NC, Energy Plant Powers Innovation

Duke Energy’s Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station near Denver, NC, is conducting a pilot test of a new generation Siemens Energy gas turbine. “It’s a monster,” said Duke’s VP of project management and construction, meaning it can mean good advances in performance, efficiency, and power over a 30-year life. Siemens’ turbine goes by SGT6-9000HL, for those […]

What is Green Hydrogen?

A colorless gas that is called green. Hydrogen. What’s so tough to understand? Pretty cool idea, really: Hydrogen is a gas that can be used to power vehicles or make electricity with no harmful emissions. Hydrogen can be made through electrolysis, the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. If the […]

What NextEra’s Acquisition of Gulf Power Means for South Carolina

“You can’t appreciate what you haven’t seen.” I used to say that with my corporate employees as we discussed new ideas and our customers. Santee Cooper customers are in this situation. Santee Cooper says, “trust us…we got this.”  That is despite the utility’s track record of failure. Then fails to deliver, again. NextEra simply delivers.  […]

A Santee Cooper House-cleaning?

“Santee Cooper desperately needs a house cleaning. The entire board. The entire management team. All of them. Then use a MiB Neuralyzer on anyone who’s left,” Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey, a Republican from Edgefield, tweeted Thursday. The MiB Neuralyzer is a fictional device from the Men in Black movie franchise that wipes the minds […]

Weekend Energy Consumer – Pandemic Payment Edition

As the season changes and the virus does not, there is a growing concern about families with financial difficulties paying utility bills. As the days get shorter there is no light at the end of the tunnel; no idea how long the tunnel is, even with encouraging news of a vaccine Monday, November 9. Utility […]