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Regulation Should Achieve Goals

“Principle-based regulation,” or, regulate business based on goals for the public. “Smart regulation” is another label. It means to regulate with head and heart, not by bureaucratic mandates. Regulate with knowledge of what it takes to reach a business or institutional goal, what a balance sheet means, and with an understanding of technology. While the […]

Quick Take – Saudi Refinery Fire = Higher Costs?

The headline – “Saudi oil attacks. Will fuel prices go up?” That was Saturday, September 14. Yes, at the pump but, no, not at the electric socket is the easiest answer. That is only if the price of crude oil goes up and stays up. There is enough oil on the market to take the […]


Quick Take – Electric Consumers Are Changing

“Today’s energy consumers … want more than affordable and reliable electricity from their utilities.” That is according to Curtis Wynn, president and CEO of Roanoke Electric Cooperative in Ahoskie, North Carolina. He is also president of the National Rural Electric Cooperative (NRECA). His comments were reported on the NRECA website. Co-ops can do a better […]

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Plan the Work, Then Work the Plan to Benefit Santee Cooper Stakeholders

“Plan your work, then work your plan.” Common words of wisdom about managing a problem or project.  Many organizations followed that philosophy. Serves them well. Lots of logic to it. A plan has been created by the state to handle Santee Cooper concerns. Following that plan serves Santee Cooper customers and other stakeholders best, especially […]

Storms Require More Resilient Power Systems

Hurricane Dorian fades away. Not the memory, though, and what could have been if there was a major direct hit. This is worth noting now because September 10 is traditionally the most active day of the hurricane season. Let’s mark the day with a message about the electric system. What is uncommon may now be […]

After Dorian – Electrical Safety After Floods

As we write this Hurricane Dorian is approaching the U.S. mainland. ECC ran a blog about a year ago about another aspect of preparedness – handling the immense water damage they can cause in rain and tides. A number of resources discuss this important concern. This blog re-visits that information. ECC is not a safety […]

Be Prepared for Hurricane Dorian

“Georgia and the Carolinas should expect heavy rain and winds associated with Hurricane Dorian over the weekend and into Monday,” says the Charlotte Observer. Carolinians know that a storm track prediction is helpful, but not certain. Even though Florida seems to be the aim of the storm, it could change track, curve around to the […]