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Coal Declines More

Here’s a headline recently: Alliant, Duke announce generator shutdowns, accelerating nation’s transition to coal-free status. Announcements about coal being closed are not unique, but these announcements seem to make the move away from coal faster. Alliant will close both units of its Columbia, Wisconsin, plant. Unit 1 retires by year- 2023, unit 2, year-end 2024. […]

Would a Power Capacity Market Have Saved Texas?

“I think the Texas model, in the long-run, is very vulnerable.” That is a quote from a national energy leader. It seems obvious following the Texas blackouts of 2021. However, that quote is from 2017. This article also said: “In the two-plus decades since ERCOT’s formation, naysayers in and out of Texas have been watching […]

Texas Blackouts Are Simple, In a Complex Sort of Way

Texas’ recent power outages from the winter storm have lessons for the whole nation. The reason for the outages is simple, though only at a high level. The blackouts get complex fast. The complexity is already showing itself in the factual and not-so-factual news stories that are showing up. Understanding the blackouts will be tougher […]

EV Charging Will Not Channel Gasoline Stations

Fill’r up? That message will stay the same whether the filling station is gasoline or electric, but that’s about where it stops. I got to thinking about the old service stations I recall from my youth, and even the changes I saw while working about 20 years at an oil company, and where we are […]

Wind or Nuclear? The Answer is Yes

$43 billion is the estimated price tag that South Korea will pay to build the world’s largest offshore wind power network. The news release said this is an “eco-friendly energy transition and moving more vigorously toward carbon neutrality.” Hard to argue with that. Wind is a terrific resource for power and certain latitudes are naturals […]

Women in Energy – Angela Hare

“I had gone through a trial by fire and that helped me get my next job.” Many successful people have that kind of story. A major event imprints a leadership lesson. That is the story of Angela Hare, Vice President of Information Technology, Customer Service, and Metering at Central Electric Membership in Sanford, NC. (Website, […]

Santee Cooper’s Limited Choices

An old saying is, “How do you want it – good quality, fast, or cheap? Pick two, because you can’t have all three.” Every homeowner who’s ever hired-out a project knows if you demand high-quality delivered on a rapid timeline you are going to pay a high price. But if you want it fast, and […]

U.S. Energy Outlook Published

Energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions have gone down in the pandemic. Overall energy consumption – which includes electric and hydrocarbons – will return to old levels in years, not months. The U.S. Energy Information Agency issues an annual outlook. That came out just recently. A few of the findings. EIA projects that total U.S. […]

Special Delivery to the South Carolina General Assembly

Santee Cooper CEO Mark Bonsall sent a letter to the General Assembly in late January announcing Santee Cooper will be in debt until 2055. Although likely not his intent the letter clearly highlights the choice confronting legislators: Pay off the debt now with a sale. Or, Pass on the debt to the next two generations […]