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Will the Southeast Create a New Electric Organization?

A possible new power organization, a Carolina RTO – Regional Transmission Organization – was one topic at the South Carolina Clean Energy Conference. Some people feel that an RTO is the answer for various energy issues, largely keyed to lower prices for electric customers. An RTO is a wholesale power mechanism. It is not a […]

An Unusual Power Price Headline

The headline: Florida Power & Light customers to see lower bills in 2020. That non-Carolina headline late last week caught our eye during the discussion about the changing power business at the recent South Carolina Clean Energy Conference. Pay less for power even when the grid is being improved? That doesn’t seem to be in […]

Lots of Energy at the South Carolina Clean Energy Conference

South Carolina has no lack of energy topics, good actions, and opinions. That’s what I took from the robust discussions at the South Carolina Clean Energy Conference in Columbia last week. During the conference I felt a pervasive sense that there is no business as usual in the future of energy. Those with a status […]

A Digital Transformation Is Critical for Energy Success

Electricity is going from a mass produced to personal service. Making and delivering electricity is already mighty sophisticated as a business, and electric companies must still technologically up their game. “Two-thirds of businesses recognize their company must digitize by 2020 in order to stay competitive,” said CNBC. The story was about Ford, P&G, and GE, not […]

Quick Take – Veterans Give Us Energy

Energy Consumers of the Carolinas extends a huge thank you to our veterans. Not only have they put themselves out there to defend our nation, but many of them also use their skills in the electric energy industry after their service to the country. They go to work for our electric utilities. About 11 percent […]

Quick Take – What Utilities are the Largest?

The utility names in North and South Carolina often go well beyond the state borders. An investment column caught our eye recently that had a list of the largest U.S. utilities. Interesting article. Thought we’d mention the list to show that the Southeast has some big electric energy players. This list is by market capitalization, […]

Learning from Others About Energy

Energy in the Carolinas is the focus of our work, and for well more than a year now. We learned something in the process of looking at the interface between energy customers and the Carolinas: It is about more than the Carolinas. What? Here are examples. Recently we featured a story about Vermont missing its […]

What is a Public Staff?

Many citizens know about the organizations that regulate investor-owned utilities in the Carolinas – in SC the Public Service Commission, and in NC, the Utilities Commission. Fewer people may know about a separate group in each state that provides support to the commissions – a public staff. In SC it is known as the ORS […]

SC Chooses Public Service Commission Members

South Carolina is looking at some new Public Service Commissioners. It is part of a normal rotation in the Commission. This may not be a normal time, though, since the power industry in South Carolina has been so high profile over the past several years. The nuclear project termination is in the forefront of consumer […]

Quick Take – Securitization in Utilities

Securitization of costs or debts. Some utilities and states have it. Let’s describe what securitization is. Most simply: Turning utility costs into bonds. In finance, bonds are a kind of debt already, but not all debt is in the form of bonds. Securitization is being used when funds are needed “to smooth deregulation, reduce renewable […]