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One Renewable Energy Source Burning Hot

In a high-tech energy world the basics seem to come back on a regular basis. Check this one. “In 2020, Georgia generated 5.8 million megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity from biomass, or about 10 percent of the nation’s total, the second most of any state according to EIA’s Electric Power Monthly. Almost 5 percent of Georgia’s in-state […]

States Need to Show a Pro-Business Disposition to Succeed

Traditional measures of a state’s business sentiment may be changing. Smart states will get ahead of the curve. Texas and Florida are at the top now. Energy and utility companies have been mentioned in the same breath as economic development for decades, so that is why I mention this here. In the past there have […]

Study Warns About Government Electric Control

Here’s something you don’t see every day. A study says a California city should NOT increase the size of government to take over electric operations. This comes a week after South Carolina decided to increase the size of government to maintain ownership of Santee Cooper. Role reversal with California and South Carolina. Specifically, there was […]

The Meaning Behind “No Sale” of Santee Cooper

What was the purpose behind a sale of Santee Cooper? Understand the purpose behind a sale and you can see why a sale was so important. But those reasons will play out. This is worth laying out one more time even though the votes are in. The purpose of selling Santee Cooper was to eliminate […]

New York Loses Carbon-free Power

It happened this past weekend – New York’s request to eliminate a carbon-free power source came true. Smart? I don’t think so. Here’s the story. The Indian Point Energy Center, a nuclear facility, stopped producing power when it retired its last reactor. Since 1962 the plant had provided New York with power. Yes, power – […]

Regulator/Utility Relationships Are Changing

“The future is not just a technologically advanced version of today’s world.” I heard that comment on an energy webinar about utility/regulator relationships. The speaker was Val Jensen, a senior fellow at ICF, a strategy and consulting firm. His is a basic statement, but with huge implications for the energy industry. Here are some nuggets […]

Carolina Utilities Discuss Decarbonization

Achieving a carbon-free electric system takes more than technology. That’s the bottom-line message from a national energy summit that highlighted Carolina utilities. A summary of the event was noted in UtilityDive magazine, as noted below. Technology such as smart meters, upgraded transmission lines, non-carbon power generation – think solar, water, wind, nuclear – and residential […]

Going Carbonless Is Like the Quality Movement

Committing our nation to a carbon-free energy system is big news in energy and politics. Ideally the move to clean energy will be viewed as a next stage of Total Quality Management (TQM). Might say that TQM = CEM (Clean Energy Management). From a business and environment standpoint driving toward a clean energy system is wise. […]

Tidy-up the Smaller State of Bigger Government

Considering the South Carolina Senate’s vote to attempt reform of Santee Cooper, it was interesting to see a human nature news story this past week. The article cites a study and book that says when people face a dilemma, they typically heap on solutions rather than simplify their way to an elegant resolution. People add […]

Is There a Hitch in Electrification Efforts?

Electrification is the label for transforming petroleum-based machines (cars, heating systems, stovetops, etc.) into electricity-powered machines. The idea is that as electricity is made with carbon-free sources, these machines run clean compared to petroleum-based energy sources. Electrification can be a twofer – If a petroleum-based machine is replaced with clean power, that is a win. […]