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Something to Think About: What is a Battery?

A simple question? Like so many energy questions, what is a battery, is changing. The racks upon racks of round and rectangular batteries in a big box store are a small part of the definition now. Those batteries rely on chemical reactions for power. Here’s one definition. “Battery” power can be created in non-chemical ways. […]

A North Carolina Greenhouse Gas Profile

Over several blogs we have looked at Greenhouse Gases. It is rather theoretical unless we can look at Greenhouse Gases in our own backyard. So, let’s look at North Carolina.  The state issued a report in 2019 about its GHG profile. Here’s how the report describes the state’s emissions: Carbon dioxide was the major GHG […]

“Opportunity” for Climate Change Action: Report

“Three years and $3 trillion.” The headline caught our eye. It was in Bloomberg News. “A new report from the International Energy Agency details what it will take to lock in this year’s drop in emissions.” Energy consumers take note. The IEA report is worth reading because it gets specific. Some background first. The COVID […]

An Interview with the Leader of the US Energy Association

Barry K. Worthington is the executive director of the United States Energy Association (USEA). Through its membership, USEA represents 150 members across the U.S. energy sector. In his role, he represents the broad interests of the U.S. energy industry and meets with domestic and international energy leaders to advance information and unearth partnerships to develop […]

What is the Methane Debate?

Carbon dioxide has gotten a lot of press as a global warming element. Methane is the next chemical that gets attention. Why? Because methane is so potent as a greenhouse gas. A reminder: Methane is a “hydrocarbon gas produced both through natural sources and human activities, including the decomposition of wastes in landfills, agriculture, and […]

Energy Consumer Weekend – June 19

Summer has traditionally been a time for peak electric power use. How about this summer, which starts Saturday, June 20? How will you fare electrically this summer? How can you manage the “dog days of summer”? That’s this week’s energy consumer weekend. Patterns for summer heat and power use may not be like the past, […]

What is Methane?

Carbon dioxide is the chemical that has captured the attention of people interested in energy and the environment. Another chemical will get increasing press – methane. Methane is a gas, one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. Methane is produced two ways. (Source) Biologic decomposition of organic matter at shallow depths. Think of swamps, landfills, […]

Quick Take – Cyber Threats Gain Steam

A fake industrial control system (ICS) tempted a lot of bad players on the web recently. Electric customers should take note. There’s a “pervasive the cyber risk is to the industrial sector,” say the people who ran the exercise, reported in a column, Utility ransomware attacks becoming more sophisticated. (Source) Here’s what was done. A cyber […]

Quick Take – Utility Survival Depends on New Thinking

To Remain Relevant, Utilities Should Start Thinking Like Tech Companies. That is the title of a column that is a favorite of mine. It is a slightly older column (last summer), and worth re-visiting. The pandemic changes business rules. New energy technology flexes options for customers. Divergent companies enter the electric energy space. Sets the […]