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Quick Take – Hurricane Isaias is a Learning Experience

Electric power restoration during a pandemic is expected to be a challenge. Isaias may be the kind of experience that utility companies can use as a major learning experience to test pandemic-era emergency processes. Isaias was not a monster storm. Isaias was big enough to provide a real test. “COVID-19 will impact how the crews […]

U of SC Gets Research Recognition

Nice work, University of South Carolina! The university was recognized “among the top 100 universities in the world based on the number of U.S. utility patents that faculty members received in 2019.” (Source) In this case the word “utility” is not the kind like a power company, but a kind of patent instead. “A utility […]


Energy Consumer Weekend – July 31

American homes account for 20% of of heat trapping gas emissions in the nation. (Source) Of course, different houses have different energy footprints. There’s a paradox about this, too. An energy expert in South Carolina once told me that a major issue is certain smaller, older homes in the state that have inadequate insulation or […]

Energy Consumer Weekend – July 24

The tropics seem to be getting active as we approach the third month of hurricane season. This season there is a twist. You guessed it – COVID. Really. A new study suggests that some weather forecasts could be less accurate because of the virus. “Meteorological observations on commercial aircraft help improve the forecast. However, the global […]

Quick Take – Update on COVID and Utility Scams

Scammers are using the pandemic to try to get consumers’ information and money. Using the names of utilities are one way they are doing it. Scams will often involve a threat to disconnect electric or gas service, a promise of a rebate in bills, or wanting to verify information that is personal. Calls may ask […]

Energy Consumer Weekend – July 17

Pandemic power is not about the tenacity of COVID but how utilities and consumers will interact because of the virus. Changes could be a while. A 1918 pandemic survivor was asked when people felt comfy going to the store and movies again. He said 1922. There is electric life – BP and AP. Before Pandemic […]

Don’t Want Negative PR? Don’t Do Bad Things

Recently I saw a Tweet from the executive editor of the Charleston Post and Courier. It shows the masthead of the Aspen, Colorado newspaper, and its slogan: “If you don’t want it printed, don’t let it happen.” This is the Tweet. Like it. The Tweet had more than 140 re-Tweets and more than 600 Likes […]