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Utility Payment Moratorium – For How Long?

When the pandemic grew and the economy shrank, utility companies declared that paying for power could be put on hold. Compassion was front row as families were between a rock and hard place. Lots of these plans were to last until mid-summer. Now that it is mid-summer companies and politicians are looking ahead. North Carolina […]

Energy Consumer Weekend – July 10

Dominion Energy and Duke Energy canceled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) Independence Day weekend. The reason: Litigation risks that can affect the cost of the pipeline. That seems like a simple explanation. The pipeline issue actually shows the diverse viewpoints there are when it comes to energy in the U.S. This Energy Consumer Weekend will […]

Quick Take – Storm Outages Can Be Longer in a Pandemic

“Power companies across hurricane-prone states are forced to face a prospect they’ve never dealt with before: restoring power after a major storm amid a global pandemic.” That is from a recent CNN report. CNN Meteorologist Tyler Mauldin makes good points. For consumers, “It means everyone living in hurricane-prone communities must be ready to be without […]

What Creates Energy Independence?

On Independence Day 2020 it seems like a reasonable question – what creates energy independence? The answer has changed over the past several decades. I cut my energy teeth during the 1970’s oil crisis, and while working at a petroleum company. That is when oil = energy. Or, energy materials were energy. Stuff that would […]

Cracks in Santee Cooper’s Rate Freeze?

Santee Cooper has a rate freeze. Does it really? A freeze for how long? Under what terms? Santee Cooper’s June 22 board meeting shows cracks in the much-publicized rate freeze for customers. Will Santee Cooper’s financial health break under the weight of reality, or “reform”? Do loopholes in the freeze offer wiggle room into customer […]

Something to Think About: What is a Battery?

A simple question? Like so many energy questions, what is a battery, is changing. The racks upon racks of round and rectangular batteries in a big box store are a small part of the definition now. Those batteries rely on chemical reactions for power. Here’s one definition. “Battery” power can be created in non-chemical ways. […]

A North Carolina Greenhouse Gas Profile

Over several blogs we have looked at Greenhouse Gases. It is rather theoretical unless we can look at Greenhouse Gases in our own backyard. So, let’s look at North Carolina.  The state issued a report in 2019 about its GHG profile. Here’s how the report describes the state’s emissions: Carbon dioxide was the major GHG […]

“Opportunity” for Climate Change Action: Report

“Three years and $3 trillion.” The headline caught our eye. It was in Bloomberg News. “A new report from the International Energy Agency details what it will take to lock in this year’s drop in emissions.” Energy consumers take note. The IEA report is worth reading because it gets specific. Some background first. The COVID […]