Rockette Power

I love the holiday season. I especially enjoy all the lights and beautifully decorated homes. It is interesting to me that even though I have lived in cold and snowy places like Missouri, New Jersey, and Ohio, the beautiful lights so common in my neighborhood in South Carolina make the holidays special even without the Read more about Rockette Power[…]

When Do Power Outages Happen?

When do outages happen? Answer: All the time, but for various reasons. Over the past several months, Carolinians have heard a lot about power outages because of hurricanes. That’s because there can be a significant number of outages when violent weather happens. Usually lightning, high winds, and ice are the causes. What about outages other Read more about When Do Power Outages Happen?[…]

Turkey Trot Power

As tens of thousands of South Carolinians prepare for their turkey trot, gobble wobble, or other Thanksgiving Day race I got to thinking that was tons of kinetic energy being created. Kinetic energy is energy created by any body by virtue of it being in motion. This applies to both large and small items. The Read more about Turkey Trot Power[…]

What’s Cook’n?

As we count our blessings and pour out gratitude this week over the Thanksgiving holiday, I give thanks for access to electrical power. I begin to wonder, how much energy will preparing one Thanksgiving dinner for eight people take? Let’s explore. Here’s the menu: Turkey and gravy, oyster dressing, golden mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, Read more about What’s Cook’n?[…]

From Elected to Energized

We cast our votes a week ago, so signs are starting to come down, political ads have ceased, and polling phone calls have taken a break…phew. My daughter turned 18 in October so this election day was an especially exciting for me. I was particularly impressed with how present and involved she was. She had Read more about From Elected to Energized[…]

Paradise Lost a Power Problem?

The New York Times reports that California has so many wildfires for many reasons including climate change, dense population, fire suppression, Santa Ana winds, and downed power lines. This last one makes me think not about casting blame or jumping to conclusions, but about me personally and my own demands when it comes to taking Read more about Paradise Lost a Power Problem?[…]

A Date with Dominion

A lot is happening now, as the clock winds down the year and some major decisions loom regarding the fate of our South Carolina utilities. By December 21, the PSC is set to render its decision on the rates for SCANA, a decision which will have an impact on the proposed Dominion-SCANA merger. PSC will Read more about A Date with Dominion[…]

In the Dark: A Poll of South Carolina’s Pulse on Electricity Payments

Last week, South Carolina’s Club for Growth released a survey conducted by Cloud Research out of Dublin, Ohio entitled “Survey of South Carolina Electricity Ratepayers.” It could have been called “In the Dark.” With the state news dominating the subject of SCANA and Santee Cooper’s nuclear power debacle and associated costs, I thought this would Read more about In the Dark: A Poll of South Carolina’s Pulse on Electricity Payments[…]

It’s Back – Pumpkin Spice Electricity!

Kidding, just something for this time of year. Halloween, you know. Tricks. Treats. Electricity provides a lot of treats – charging your phone, streaming your favorite programs, maybe even powering voice commands for grocery orders. Electricity can play tricks, too. Energy Consumers of the Carolinas wants our readers to avoid being caught by surprise, so Read more about It’s Back – Pumpkin Spice Electricity![…]