Michael Payne on Wind Energy

I have recently learned about and written about innovations in wind energy right here in South Carolina as I explored the research and testing facility at the Clemson University Restoration Institute in North Charleston. Therefore, I wanted to better understand how this industry has been shaped over the decades. So, I decided to reach out Read more about Michael Payne on Wind Energy[…]

Changing Times – Changing Temperatures

Hurricane Florence was and continues to be a reminder of the impact weather has on our lives. Reports of power outages and flooding keep coming and many people are still facing devastation. What impact does weather have on electricity rates now and in the future? CNN argues that climate change is making storms even worse.  The Read more about Changing Times – Changing Temperatures[…]

Marriage Blessings for SCANA and Dominion Energy?

Yesterday’s story, Scana Dominion Energy Merger Clears Another Hurdle, is about the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approving the indirect transfer of the operating license for V.C. Summer Unit 1 and of the combined licenses for V.C. Summer Units 2 and 3 from SCANA’s subsidiary, South Carolina Electric & Gas, to Dominion Energy. I saw terminology like Read more about Marriage Blessings for SCANA and Dominion Energy?[…]

Two Sides to the Energy Conservation Coin

Conserving energy has a one-two punch, a two-step plan, or two sides to the same coin. Whatever analogy you prefer, it is important to learn that the spectrum of energy conservation includes energy efficiency as well as demand response. What is the difference? Energy efficiency is the main focus of many of the energy audits Read more about Two Sides to the Energy Conservation Coin[…]

Setting Energy Rates

There has been a great deal of talk in the news about setting of energy rates in South Carolina. The State House and Senate have recently approved a measure that would temporarily cut energy rates for SC&E&G customers by removing the nuclear-related increases since 2010. So I started to wonder how are energy rates set? Read more about Setting Energy Rates[…]

“Act With Dispatch” – Energy Systems Do It

Electricity travels at a certain speed, but not all power generation sources can be ready to make electricity at the same speed. “Dispatch” is the term in the electric utility business that refers to the time it takes to make power to deliver. How fast a power source can get off the starting block, you Read more about “Act With Dispatch” – Energy Systems Do It[…]

The Calendar Says the Heat Is On – Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 21, 2018 is the start of summer. We can expect “famously hot” (as a Columbia slogan says) weather across the Carolinas.  WIST-TV, Columbia, even said, “Dangerous heat moves into the Midlands.” WTVD-TV, Raleigh/Durham: “The first heat wave of the season is on the way.” That brings up an important concept for the electric industry Read more about The Calendar Says the Heat Is On – Thursday, June 21, 2018[…]

Natural Gas and Our Power Portfolio

“Natural Gas Is King of America’s Power Mix, for Now,” proclaimed Bloomberg News in mid-2017. That’s the way it has played out in the U.S. electric industry. Natural gas generation provides a lot of electricity to consumers. There’s a story behind the shift to gas, evident by a news item this week in the Carolinas: Read more about Natural Gas and Our Power Portfolio[…]

Just Facts: How is electricity used in U.S. homes?

The electric industry is changing for the consumer. Energy Consumers of the Carolinas is exploring various ways this is happening. Here’s one aspect of electric consumption. Wonder what uses up the most household electricity? Knowing home usage can help consumers conserve and save money. Here is the “U.S. residential sector electricity consumption by major end Read more about Just Facts: How is electricity used in U.S. homes?[…]