Industries Should Have a Say in NC’s Clean Energy Plan

North Carolina says it wants input on a Clean Energy Plan. Whether significant public input is in the plan depends on people making their voices heard, really heard, not assuming they are heard. A plan will be advanced. Will it have your input or not, especially if you are a business owner? A roundtable session Read more about Industries Should Have a Say in NC’s Clean Energy Plan[…]

“Stay Away from Downed Power Lines”

Severe storms, lightning, tornadoes and straight-line winds made it a challenge to keep the lights on this past week. Hunkering down for the storm is one thing. Staying safe afterwards requires attention, too. A big safety rule: “Stay away from downed power lines. Always assume a power line is energized and dangerous, even when power Read more about “Stay Away from Downed Power Lines”[…]

Speak Up About the NC Clean Energy Plan

In North Carolina, your household, health and finances can be impacted by Executive Order No. 80 – North Carolina’s Commitment to Address Climate Change and Transition to a Clean Energy Economy. This is a process for many citizens to note, not just people in an energy discipline. Far-reaching Impact The process behind the order is Read more about Speak Up About the NC Clean Energy Plan[…]

A Carolina Energy Leader Captures a National Spotlight

Citing “this blazing pace of change” in the electric industry, Curtis Wynn, brought a Carolina brand of leadership to a national audience. Wynn became president of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) at its annual meeting March 13. The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association is the national trade association representing more than 900 local Read more about A Carolina Energy Leader Captures a National Spotlight[…]

North Carolina Is Part of a Smart Electricity Task Force

The electric grid of today grew from disparate and unconnected power systems over decades. New technology demands that a heightened long-term approach be taken to make sure we have secure, connected, efficient and affordable electricity. The Task Force on Comprehensive Electricity Planning is a national group that will tackle regulatory, business and technological issues in a Read more about North Carolina Is Part of a Smart Electricity Task Force[…]

Speaking Out For Our Energy Future

For a year Energy Consumers of the Carolinas [ECC] has provided consumer information. Now readers can see a definite viewpoint in some of our work. Our site now features some calls to action about important energy issues. It’s time. Why? ECC believes that the Carolinas have done so well in so many energy projects. These Read more about Speaking Out For Our Energy Future[…]

Michael Payne on Wind Energy

I have recently learned about and written about innovations in wind energy right here in South Carolina as I explored the research and testing facility at the Clemson University Restoration Institute in North Charleston. Therefore, I wanted to better understand how this industry has been shaped over the decades. So, I decided to reach out Read more about Michael Payne on Wind Energy[…]

When Do Power Outages Happen?

When do outages happen? Answer: All the time, but for various reasons. Over the past several months, Carolinians have heard a lot about power outages because of hurricanes. That’s because there can be a significant number of outages when violent weather happens. Usually lightning, high winds, and ice are the causes. What about outages other Read more about When Do Power Outages Happen?[…]

Wind Power is Coming Of Age in the Carolinas

The Carolinas electric generation profile is changing. Coal is decreasing its share of electric generation. Renewables are gaining, and one renewable is getting more press. Wind energy gains attention as its costs go down. Financial news website, Bloomberg, even calls it, “A coming-of-age moment,” for the U.S. wind power industry. That is because some energy Read more about Wind Power is Coming Of Age in the Carolinas[…]

Nuclear Power: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

A nuclear power headline this week deserves attention, and it is not about South Carolina’s nuclear debates. The Union of Concerned Scientists released a report that was extremely favorable about nuclear energy: “New public policies are needed to properly value low-carbon energy and prevent the replacement of nuclear plants with large quantities of natural gas.” Read more about Nuclear Power: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”[…]