Michael Payne on Wind Energy

I have recently learned about and written about innovations in wind energy right here in South Carolina as I explored the research and testing facility at the Clemson University Restoration Institute in North Charleston. Therefore, I wanted to better understand how this industry has been shaped over the decades. So, I decided to reach out Read more about Michael Payne on Wind Energy[…]

When Do Power Outages Happen?

When do outages happen? Answer: All the time, but for various reasons. Over the past several months, Carolinians have heard a lot about power outages because of hurricanes. That’s because there can be a significant number of outages when violent weather happens. Usually lightning, high winds, and ice are the causes. What about outages other Read more about When Do Power Outages Happen?[…]

Wind Power is Coming Of Age in the Carolinas

The Carolinas electric generation profile is changing. Coal is decreasing its share of electric generation. Renewables are gaining, and one renewable is getting more press. Wind energy gains attention as its costs go down. Financial news website, Bloomberg, even calls it, “A coming-of-age moment,” for the U.S. wind power industry. That is because some energy Read more about Wind Power is Coming Of Age in the Carolinas[…]

Nuclear Power: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”

A nuclear power headline this week deserves attention, and it is not about South Carolina’s nuclear debates. The Union of Concerned Scientists released a report that was extremely favorable about nuclear energy: “New public policies are needed to properly value low-carbon energy and prevent the replacement of nuclear plants with large quantities of natural gas.” Read more about Nuclear Power: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”[…]

Coops: Lines of Communication, Not Just Power Lines

There have been headlines about the leadership of electric cooperative boards in the Carolinas, including speculation about who may lead the largest cooperative in South Carolina. Hot topic. So when Energy Consumers of the Carolinas saw a column about board leadership written by the National Rural Electric Cooperatives (NRECA), we thought it is worth pointing Read more about Coops: Lines of Communication, Not Just Power Lines[…]

An Energizing Benchmark for Electric Vehicles

The U.S. will have its one-millionth electric vehicle (EV) purchased in this month.  The news of more EVs needs to be looked at in context of all vehicles out there, consumer choice and infrastructure. There were 272 million vehicles in operation in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2018 (source). So the news of Read more about An Energizing Benchmark for Electric Vehicles[…]

A Balancing Act – Low Electric Rates Can Still Mean High Bills

Here’s an energy paradox: “Some states have low electricity prices but residents pay more to power their homes, and others have high prices and low consumer bills. But the occurrence of high prices paired with high bills is rare,” noted Bloomberg News reporters. Doesn’t seem logical, but it is true and worth a look. Several Read more about A Balancing Act – Low Electric Rates Can Still Mean High Bills[…]

Electric Safety – Flood Precautions in Hurricanes and Storms

Wind is an obvious safety issue in hurricanes. Another important aspect of storms is the immense water damage they can cause in rain and tides A number of resources discuss this important concern. ECC is not a safety expert, but here are a few resources that may be helpful, though. Remember to always listen to Read more about Electric Safety – Flood Precautions in Hurricanes and Storms[…]

Prepare for Hurricane Florence

Three rules for the public when it comes to hurricanes: Safety, safety, safety. Other words – preparedness, attentiveness. First, context. We are hearing more comparisons about the potential of Florence and some big storms in the past (from The Weather Center): Florence comparison: A review of monster Carolina hurricanes. Here are a few words from the Read more about Prepare for Hurricane Florence[…]

Energy Labor Day Countdown – Friday

All this week before Labor Day Energy Consumers of the Carolinas has featured different people involved in the Carolinas’ energy industry, and who work behind the scenes. So far we have featured a manufacturing production worker, entrepreneur, welding support technician, county utility expert, plant equipment sales support rep, senior test engineer (wind energy), lineman (2), Read more about Energy Labor Day Countdown – Friday[…]