Recently I saw a Tweet from the executive editor of the Charleston Post and Courier. It shows the masthead of the Aspen, Colorado newspaper, and its slogan: “If you don’t want it printed, don’t let it happen.”

This is the Tweet. Like it.

The Tweet had more than 140 re-Tweets and more than 600 Likes when I saw it. Lots of people in agreement.

Relate this slogan to the issues at Santee Cooper as it says it is working hard on doing right. Maybe that is a problem with Santee Cooper, they say a lot but how much really gets done?

Most recently Santee Cooper employees were in the press about racist comments on social media. In response a company spokesperson said, “Santee Cooper does not tolerate racism of any kind.” (Source)

Well, if you don’t want it Tweeted, don’t let it happen.

Santee Cooper has also had press about corporate perks at a fancy golf tournament, company diversity, the nuclear project, debt, financial ratings, other projects – most if not all negative stories.

Again, if you don’t want it printed…

Facts actually are facts.

A really new broom sweeps clean, too.

The highly paid CEO and COO haven’t been able to sweep clean the broken culture of Santee Cooper. A culture that has been there for decades.

A new and proven utility that excels at what it does is needed. New stewards of the Santee Cooper service territory can eliminate the debt, reduce costs, and bring in talent and skills to build a service territory to meet a demanding energy future. New neighbors who will be there for communities.

Customers and the State of South Carolina can right this ship. Sell Santee Cooper. Be rid of the board that has been party to the calamity.

Now that would be worth writing about.