Lemons and lemonade, part of an old phrase. Duke Energy shows how to make lemonade.

Buncombe County has an ambitious energy plan

NC regulators have approved a Duke Energy five-megawatt solar project in Buncombe County over a retired county landfill. The generating facility ought to be running by the end of 2021 and will make enough power for about 1,000 homes.

Duke Energy reports that the landfill stopped operating in 1996. To avoid disturbing the ground covering, the solar racking system will be built on concrete blocks instead of being anchored into the ground. Underground cabling will be kept to a minimum. Here’s is a video look at the site.

This will be Duke’s first solar project on a landfill. The project will be located on 25 acres and will be connected to the Duke Energy Progress power grid. Under a 25-year agreement, the county will lease the land to Duke Energy.

For Buncombe County (map right) to include the solar power generated toward its 100% renewable energy goal, it will own the renewable energy certificates (REC) from the Duke Energy power plant to offset the energy used from the county’s operations. In exchange, Buncombe County is allowing Duke Energy to utilize the property at no cost.