“EVs on the cheap” was a headline in the Wall Street Journal about energy and 2022. The report cites more than 100 electric vehicle models and the room for growth – less than 3% of vehicles in the US are EVs. Sticker prices are coming down, too.

My column recently about 2022 energy wishes noted EVs, but specifically the need for a better charging network so EVs are easier to own.

On the road – in Jordan

Oddly enough, a recent overseas trip drove home that point to me. I have family doing a project in Jordan and went there a few weeks ago. These are people proud of their cars.

Gasoline station in the desert in Jordan

I was struck by the large number of EVs and hybrids in Jordan. Not just in the big city of Amman, where four million people live, but even out in the desert. In the city I routinely walked by homes with chargers in the garages and even out on the street in front of homes. Some were upscale, some not, but they were available and used.

A Tesla charging at the same gasoline station

Stopping for gasoline some 70 miles out of Amman, between the Red Sea and Amman there were Tesla chargers … being used, not just for show.

A Mercedes at the curb, charging

The message to me is that the US needs to, so to speak, step on the gas about getting better EV charging in a variety of places – at home, apartment complexes, shopping centers, at work. Won’t be cheap. But that will help unlock a clean energy future for us.


Below, a bonus shot, Though Jordan borders oil countries, wind power is being used.