What is required of utilities and independent power producers in 2022 makes that idea seem basic. Utilities have a lot on their plate in 2022, which may be an inflection year for these companies and their customers.

From the Deloitte report

A recent report from Deloitte and Touche, 2022 power and utilities industry outlook – The clean energy transition powers on, shows the challenges faced by utilities. Those issues break down like this:

  1. Utilities expected to further flesh out decarbonization plans
  2. Unprecedented weather events driving new resiliency strategy
  3. 5G and cloud could expedite the clean energy transition
  4. Utilities increasingly turning to flexible load programs
  5. Building electrification is already impacting utility planning

The breadth of these challenges is breathtaking – information science, weather, sustainability, customer expectations, technology change, safety, workforce changes.

All at once.

Looking at the moving parts of the utility industry, I believe it is as fast-paced and challenging as any of the high-tech companies that get much more press for their work.

When I worked at a utility, I recall being told that the changes required of energy companies will be like trying to overhaul a car engine while going 80 mph because the grid cannot stop operating while being totally changed.  (Not an electric vehicle, obviously.)

This report shows how true that is.