From Scott Carlberg

Every now and then something pops up that hits the nail on the head. I saw that with a Tweet from a North Carolina senator – Paul Newton – and one of his Tweets after an energy debate in the NC Senate.

Now I know that some people who align with either particular party may jump to identify Newton by political affiliation or that he was once the state president for Duke Energy.

His Tweet went above politics and organizations, though. It is worth attention. More than attention, it is worth following.

Here is the Tweet.

Affordable, reliable, and increasingly clean. Any argument on that? Any politics in that? Doubt it.

Lots of commonsense, though because affordable, reliable, and increasingly clean transcend social, economic, and technical debates.

The State of North Carolina has lined up according to parties, funders, narrow interest in some cases, or who can make a buck from a specific kind of energy – or who can raise money by who is against it.

Time to get beyond that and look close at the affordable, reliable, and increasingly clean need that is out there.

Newton put it out there. Others can follow that high road and hold their heads high that they did that on behalf of citizens. Kind of an interesting concept, isn’t it?