Perhaps more this year than other Labor Days has a particularly special meaning. Essential workers of all kinds have been in the headlines … because of hurricanes, floods, wildfires, extreme heat, and a pandemic!

ECC emphasizes energy and there is no lack of essential workers in the energy industry.

We chose for this Labor Day salute a symbolic drawing of a line worker making sure our nation is as safe as possible in these disasters.

Make no mistake that line workers are critically important. So are other energy people…

Dispatchers make sure line crews get the word.

Customer call center representatives make sure information gets from customers to their utility teammates who keep your power on.

Maintenance technicians help keep plants operating.

Operators make power plants run.

Warehouse workers ensure that the right parts are available for repair and maintenance.

Locators identify where gas or power lines are underground.

Meter readers make sure you have accurate power billing.

Lab technicians ensure that quality control and environmental issues are handled right.

Drivers make sure people and parts get where they need to go.

It is a long list. People are at work every day, every hour, to make sure you have safe and reliable energy.

Thank you all!