The gasoline price average has increased 40% since January 1, from $2.25 to $3.13. AAA sees maybe 20-cents more by the end of August (driving season). Check the AAA graph here and see that prices are up even over multiple years. (AAA says 7/8/21 averages are $2.85 in SC and $2.91 in NC.)

Consumers can do something other than reduce driving to save money on gasoline. (And we always want consumers to save money.)

There are apps that tell drivers where the cheapest gasoline may be. They are useful apps that span brands.

Something else can save money, too – gasoline company apps. In exchange for loyalty to a brand some oil companies make deals.

The Phillips 66 app is an example. Teamed up with a Phillips credit card it could fetch 15-cents a gallon off. Except for pumping the gasoline the transaction is all touchless. The app locates the station where the driver is, who just verifies the pump number (image left). (Phillips owns 76 and Conoco, too.)

Each company has its own approach. For instance (and check their websites for details, the following is from their websites, but is not comprehensive):

  • Shell: Earn an extra 5¢/gal in Fuel Rewards® program savings when you use the Shell app to fill-up four times of at least 5 gallons within each 30 day period.
  • With Exxon Mobil Rewards+ Premium™ status, earn 6c/gal in points on Synergy Supreme+ ™ premium gasoline – that’s double points. To qualify, fill up three times a month with 8 or more gallons. (Also, the company has a frequent filler feature and AARP reward.)
  • Others are out there – BP, Love’s, QuikTrip, Speedway, Circle K … each with their own features, with consumers to check them out and decide what works best.

These deals are not the free tumblers or ashtray that some of us remember. They are better because they are real money. Every little bit counts.