The electric industry is changing for the consumer. Energy Consumers of the Carolinas is exploring various ways this is happening.

Here’s one aspect of electric consumption. Wonder what uses up the most household electricity? Knowing home usage can help consumers conserve and save money. Here is the “U.S. residential sector electricity consumption by major end uses in 2017, as projected in the Annual Energy Outlook 2018.”

End Use Billion kWh Share
Space cooling 212 15%
Water heating 131 10%
Lighting 129 9%
Refrigeration 100 7%
Space heating 86 6%
Televisions and related equipment1 81 6%
Clothes dryers 56 4%
Furnace fans and boiler circulation pumps 32 2%
Computers and related equipment2 31 2%
Cooking 31 2%
Dishwashers 28 2%
Freezers 21 2%
Clothes washers3 7 1%
Other uses4 430 31%
Total consumption 1,374

Includes televisions, set-top boxes, home theater systems, DVD players, and video game consoles.
Includes desktop and laptop computers, monitors, and networking equipment.
Does not include water heating.
Includes small electric devices, heating elements, exterior lights, outdoor grills, pool and spa heaters, backup electricity generators, and motors not listed above. Does not include electric vehicle charging.