From Scott Carlberg

With all the storms cooking in the Atlantic right now, this is a good time for consumers to know how electricity is restored after a storm. Knowing that helps Carolina customers prepare better “just in case.”

A terrific brief explanation about power restoration is from Duke Energy. (Many thanks to Duke Energy writer Jessica Wells for the good work.) The Duke story says, “When the power grid is damaged, energy companies take a methodical approach to restoration.”

Storms in Atlantic – Sept. 7, 2018 (NOAA)

That is important. There is an order to the way power is returned to service. The Duke story notes that there is usually damage to the grid that you can’t see from your home. Work is being done on electric service though you may not see it. “Duke Energy has a methodical approach to restoration, and crews start by restoring power to critical infrastructure like hospitals and fire departments. At the same time, they are working to repair the transmission system, which carries electricity directly from power plants and could be many miles away.”

Utility companies work hard to get the most people back in service first. Sometimes that may seem odd because your neighbor may get back on line before you do. It depends on where your house hooks up in the system.

Check the story and video from Duke Energy about power restoration here.

How can you be prepared for a loss in power after a storm? ECC ran a blog with some advice a few weeks ago. Also, know the phone number of your local utility company to report an outage.

ECC will be watching the weather along with you. Let’s be prepared.