Our energy future is pressing on us. Right now. Nationwide, some $338 billion in energy generation, transmission, and distribution upgrades are needed by 2039.

Meeting this investment need would reduce brownouts and outages, save businesses $637 billion, prevent the loss of 540,000 jobs, and $5,800 in personal income losses for each American family. That from the American Civil Engineers 2021 infrastructure report.

Some energy companies are already building the new power system. It’s time to put some numbers side-by-side to see who has entered this race. Let’s look at one measure.

The Shift to Solar

Let’s start with solar energy: Right now – 2,200 MW for Dominion, 500 MW for Duke, 2,662 MW for NextEra. Santee Cooper – 5 MW.

An angle important for success – experience. The more a company does the more it can do. More familiarity with diverse kinds of generation add to a company’s learning, its competence to do more, its ability to plan and execute projects to serve customers.

Why is this important?

The South needs energy. It has 10 of the top 15 fastest-growing large U.S. cities, with a population of 50,000 or more, says the US Census.  Electricity consumption is rising after the COVID decline. (Source) Changes in weather and climate are happening now that require immediate action to clean and harden the grid and protect customers.

Some energy companies get to work; others get in trouble. Who is aiming at the future? Who has demonstrated they can build for the future? Who can be trusted to get it done?

Resourceful, wise organizations make a big difference in the energy future for their customers, for the security of their customers.