From Scott Carlberg

Customers, the environment, and the basics of the energy industry were themes of many blogs for Energy Consumers of the Carolinas in 2019. Here’s a look at the some blogs that have been checked-out a lot.

Our blog, Do You Sit in Front of the Meter or Behind It? has been popular for more than a year now. This explains what is the utility company’s domain and what is the customer’s domain.

The NC Clean Energy Plan is Released, is a blog that reviews just what is in the plan. It notes the plan was put together by the NC Department of Environmental Quality. ECC notes, “The plan is a solid start. The test now is whether the plan starts to get implemented in a quick and pragmatic way or devolves into politics and a campaign season. Citizens and businesses with an eagle eye can keep that from happening.”

Will the Southeast Create a New Energy Organization? That was a blog that considers the discussion in some circles for a regional transmission organization, which works with wholesale power. Some people suggest this as a way to affect retail power prices.

Another popular blog is about the cost of doing business in, Utilities Are a Capital Intense Business. This blog notes that, “Capital intensive industries require heavy investment in fixed assets simply to compete, to measure up, to serve customers well. In the utility industry assets that make, transmit and maintain electric service are big investments.”

Nuclear energy played in several of our blogs. ECC reviewed the thinking of some energy experts in Is Nuclear Energy “The Missing Piece” of Climate Change?

Have You Been Hot? Plant Some Trees, Save Energy, has had good readership. This blogs notes how trees can be natural ways to help reduce heat.

ECC looks ahead to 2020 as a year that is likely to make more energy headlines. Policymakers hold the key in their hands about how well they do – or do not – advance a positive energy agenda in the states that protect consumers, encourage economical and clean energy planning, and make the Carolinas a place seen by others as somewhere to locate and do business.