From Scott Carlberg

Energy in the Carolinas is the focus of our work, and for well more than a year now.

We learned something in the process of looking at the interface between energy customers and the Carolinas: It is about more than the Carolinas.


Here are examples.

  • Recently we featured a story about Vermont missing its emission goals. There is something about planning that the Carolinas could learn in that news.
  • We wrote about electricity regulations in Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York and a customer risk in deregulation worth noting as this is may be debated in the Carolinas.
  • Our look at Jacksonville (Florida) and its possible sale of its municipal power system said something to us about the Santee Cooper dilemma.
  • We wrote about the way the Pittsburgh airport is planning a microgrid to combine on-site generation and storage to make a greener transportation hub. Something to learn there.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Learning is about more than what is happening in the Carolinas right now. Learning is about getting information from all over and wisely applying it. Going beyond right now to what can be.

It’s what we do: Bring good energy ideas to the attention of our readers. Get energy ideas to our readers that might not be in the headlines. Have a customer focus. Cut through noise to ask customer-oriented questions.

What kind of topics? Deregulation. Mergers. Management. Smart systems. Billing. Diverse energy portfolios. Customer costs.

It is a long list.

Why? Carolina readers might want to know about, for instance, what is happening in California because it may not stay in California.

You get it.

In ECC, you’ll see even more observations about the energy business from outside the Carolinas, but still have Carolinas written all over it as the two states innovate in their energy systems.