From Scott Carlberg

Indiana energy task force turns its attention to small nuclear reactors, is the headline. (That is Indianapolis in the feature image.)

Good for Indiana. Smart. Carolinas, take note.

Small modular reactors are a good match for renewables. They cost much less money than big nuclear, they provide carbon-free power, and run, run, run.

New nuclear is a logical puzzle piece to fit with renewables. These plants can likely be deployed fast and relatively cheaper for power. They can be placed in “brownfield” sites – places where a coal plant was. That way, no new land is used to generate power.

An Indiana Michigan Power executive says, “… increasing distributed energy resources like solar ‘significantly complicates’ the job of utilities serving their customers. He and [nuclear company] NuScale representatives described the modular reactors as a way to add reliability and baseload power at the same time that more renewables are built. ‘If you’ve got say a four-pack or eight pack or 12 pack [of SMRs], you can have some supplying the grid and some not,’” (Source)

Don’t look for these to be placed soon. There is still development work in process. The end of the decade is discussed as a possibility.

Beyond the technology, the good news is that a state government is looking at smart solutions to get carbon-free energy. Good for Indiana. Heads-up, every other state.