August 2, 2018

Educational Opportunities for Energy Jobs

The Carolinas have terrific educational opportunities in the energy field. Here are a few:

Appalachian State University’s Energy Center does research and training.  Check its upcoming workshops here.

Appalachian State also has some interesting energy activities in landfill gas, carbon accounting and energy efficiency.

At UNC Charlotte’s the Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) is a research center that provides education and applied research opportunities to students with energy related interests.

North Carolina State University’s College of Engineering has varied engineering degrees offered that relate to energy.

The University of South Carolina’s Department of Engineering and Computing offers varied degrees that apply to energy.

Clemson University’s Department of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences has 12 areas of study, many that relate to energy, such as mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering, and even automotive engineering.

Technical schools are a linchpin for energy success. Check South Carolina’s tech schools, and North Carolina’s tech schools.