Protect Consumers – Sign the Petition to Sell Santee Cooper:

“Consumers should not have to pay higher electricity prices to bail-out Santee Cooper from its massive debt from the V.C. Summer nuclear project. The South Carolina state legislature should vote to sell state-owned Santee Cooper to a company who will pay the debt, and protect consumers.”

ECC will collect signatures and deliver to the South Carolina legislature.

Background:  Selling Santee Cooper Protects Consumers

  • Santee Cooper is more than $7 billion in debt, partly from the failed V.C. Summer nuclear plant, which was never completed and produces nothing.
  • The only way Santee Cooper can pay off its debt is to raise rates on customers and co-ops.
  • That means consumers will be stuck paying for a hole in the ground – paying higher rates and getting nothing in return.
  • A sale of Santee Cooper to an investor owned utility would eliminate the debt. The buyer would pay off the debt as a condition of the sale.
  • The South Carolina government owns Santee Cooper. The government should not be in the utility business and Santee Cooper’s massive debt is a good example why.
  • Other proposals – to let the government continue to own a “reformed” Santee Cooper, or outsourcing its management – will not protect consumers from having to pay the debt.

Take action and sign the petition to Sell Santee Cooper!

Read the FAQ on selling Santee Cooper.