Some homeowners in Michigan are pilot-testing battery power storage. Recently we wrote about the digital transformation of the electric industry and said that customers may have the chance to test new ideas.

This is one of them.

Consumers Energy installed battery systems with 50 customers to look at the way aggregated battery storage can be used for the electric grid and customers. The test is happening in a suburb of Grand Rapids.

If there is enough power available from batteries, perhaps that power can eliminate the need for a big investment in a new power plant. Or, that power could be used on the grid when more energy is needed during really hot or cold times. Or, perhaps having numerous distributed locations where energy is available can be useful in emergencies when a central power plant cannot deliver electricity through the grid.

How does this story fit with the digital transformation blog ECC did? Aggregating power from various sources like this takes coordination and computing power to make it work well.

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