We depend on electric power in our homes. A lot. Here are three illustrations that show us a few tidbits about our electric service these days.

The chart below shows how much we use power for some kind of heating or cooling – from AC units to water heaters. 53% – more than half of our electric use.

Citizens of the Carolinas certainly know the importance of air conditioning in the summer. The characteristics of our AC is changing. Homes are moving from smaller room units to central AC.

Finally, look at how much the South depends on electricity in the home, below. 69% of energy consumed is electric. Something to note, though, is that natural gas is used a lot by power companies to make electricity. So you may not use natural gas much in your house, but the power at your plug may have a significant natural gas component.

Bottom line: It is useful to know how energy is used in order to know how we use it and can save it.


Source: The Energy Information Agency Residential Electric Survey. The latest information is from 2015.