The police chief of Cary, NC, is creating a buzz. That is because she drives an electric police vehicle. CBS17, WNCN-TV, reported the story July 18. Neat story.
Toni Dezomits became chief in mid-June, after 22 years on the force. She started as a patrol officer. “Without a doubt, Dezomits has earned the respect of the men and women of the Cary Police Department and proven to be an exceptional leader,” said Public Safety Director Allan Cain. (Source)

Screen shot of WNCN story

Driving an electric police car shows that the chief is willing to make changes. Dezomits says the car is “pretty fast.” Her history as a patrol officer would seem to demand speed in her vehicle.

Electric vehicles continue to increase on the streets, from three million vehicles today, one study expects there to be about 26 million by 2030. (Source) Maybe thanks, in part, because the Cary police chief nabbed the right kind of car.