“155 cities have committed to 100 percent community-wide renewable energy.” That’s big.

A column written for the World Resources Institute notes that statistic and says that cities are on the cutting edge of energy policies.

The author isn’t wearing rose-colored glasses: “To make the transition to more sustainable energy, city governments must work simultaneously to meet municipal energy demand with renewables, partner with residents and the business community to increase community-wide access to clean energy and break down system-level barriers, such as regulatory or market hurdles.”

Teamwork among cities and agencies is essential.

The four city trends in the article:

  1. Cities will sign unprecedented utility-scale clean energy deals
  2. Cities will work with businesses to cut carbon emissions
  3. Cities will band together to overcome barriers to clean energy
  4. Cities will explore new channels to influence their energy future

Some of the cities noted for this: Chicago, Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

The big news may be that cities are stepping up on significant issues, going to public service commissions and other venues that allow them to take action. That means that consumer of energy may have new opportunities to have their voices heard, too. Check the article here.


Feature image from Meet Minneapolis – www.minneapolis.org