Geothermal energy was a topic in a blog we recently posted. Just after that a story appeared that shows how geothermal energy is being applied to homes, and how new energy entrants are shaking up the industry.

Dandelion Energy is a spin-off from Google. It is finding ways to drill near homes to put in geothermal systems – heating and cooling systems that take advantage of constant temperatures in the earth. In the case of Dandelion they go several hundred feet down.

The company is looking at New England as a market where it can use warm temperatures several hundred feet down to warm homes and displace fuel oil as a heat source. That displaces pollution, too.

An added twist is that Google or Dandelion are not typical names in the energy business. That also shows how much the power industry is changing. Non-traditional players are becoming part of the system.

New ideas, new approaches. That puts pressure on traditional utility companies to compete and become more innovative.

Check the story about Dandelion Energy here.