Two Stories About “Dump The Pump” 

NC EV drivers to pay more? Owners of electric vehicles (EV) in North Carolina are the target of legislators who want a higher annual fee on those vehicles. (Source) One one hand, politicians say they need the fee to offset gasoline taxes not collected on electric vehicles. Also, by the way, gasoline vehicles are getting better mileage, so they use fewer gallons. Double whammy.

On the flip side, one EV user said North Carolina needs to consider the state’s 7 percent sales and use tax on electricity. Money is already being paid by consumers, but not injected into the NC Department of Transportation. (In state funding, NCDOT gets 54 percent of funds through the motor fuels tax – and that is about 40 percent of all NCDOT funding, 25 percent through DMV fees, and 21 percent through “Highway Use Tax on Vehicle Title Transfers.” Feds kick in cash, too.)

Fee proposals hike the annual cost from about $90 to $137 or more than $200, depending on whether the House, Senate or some other combination prevails.

Photo: City of Greensboro, NC

“Green” in several ways. Greensboro’s buses give riders a super-charge because the fleet is going all electric. There are buses on the street now. There is no familiar sound of the revving diesel on the streets. Electric buses are quiet.

Money-savers, too. “We conservatively think we’ll save $300,000 to $350,000 per bus over the life cycle of an electric bus due to reduced maintenance and operating cost,” said Adam Fischer, Greensboro’s director of transportation, to Yale Climate Connections magazine. “We’re essentially all in on electric buses now.” The first two electric bus routes started in Greensboro at the end of January. The city will have 16 buses in operation.

Greensboro is not alone in the Carolinas. In Greenville, SC: “Four electric buses are set to start humming along Greenville’s streets in the next few weeks, … The buses will likely start regular routes in May.” (Source) Proterra, the bus company has its East Coast manufacturing center in Greenville.

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