“Today’s energy consumers … want more than affordable and reliable electricity from their utilities.” That is according to Curtis Wynn, president and CEO of Roanoke Electric Cooperative in Ahoskie, North Carolina. He is also president of the National Rural Electric Cooperative (NRECA). His comments were reported on the NRECA website.

Curtis Wynn

Co-ops can do a better job of satisfying members’ demands, he says, and promote beneficial electrification.

The idea behind beneficial electrification is that the grid, when powered by clean, non-carbon fuels, helps consumers, the Earth, and society.

“Beneficial electrification can save our members money over time on their total energy expenses, while using more of our products and services,” he said. “When our members choose electric vehicles, appliances and farm or industrial machines rather than ones powered by diesel, gas or oil, they save money, reduce environmental impacts, and get the new technologies, optimization, and convenience they demand. It’s a win-win.”

Wynn’s comments are from a regional NRECA meeting in Buffalo, New York.

North Carolina can be proud to have the voice of Curtis Wynn on the national stage in energy.