“Anyone looking for uniform energy policy in the Southeast is going to be disappointed,” is the way an article from E&E News talks about the region. E&E News is an energy publication. (Subscription required to see full article.)

ECC points out this article because we feel it is good, first, to hear different observations about the region, and second, we increasingly see the need to observe the energy industry beyond North and South Carolina. It is a chance to learn.

The E&E News column notes these five areas to watch in energy in the Southeast. Here’s a quick look:

Nuclear: The Southeast is the only place in the U.S. with ongoing construction and also has a strong ongoing nuclear presence with plans for long term operation of the existing nuclear units.

Resource planning: The Southeast will see solid growth in renewable energy. Long term IRPs – Integrated Resource Plans – done by utilities are being revised as the industry changes.

Decarbonization: “Several electric companies have announced plans to decarbonize by 2050, but North Carolina recently became the first state in the Southeast to set a carbon-neutral goal by that time.”

Huntington Beach State Park, SC. Image used with permission of Visit Myrtle Beach.

Demand shifts: The demand for power is slowing and that changes the whole energy business model. Add renewable energy and the way that utilities have to manage becomes more challenging.

Hurricanes: Florida is noted for its approach to hardening the electric system to prevent outages.

For anyone interested in energy in the Southeast this article provides a terrific overview. It also shows that no one state really works in isolation of others in this large industry.