It is a first. A gasoline station has converted to being an electric vehicle charging station. 100%. The photo shows the station for its grand re-opening.

RS Automotives in Takoma Park, Maryland, has been around since 1958. Since 1997 the owner of the station has been Depeswar Doley. Or just Doley to friends. He told CNBC that he was unhappy with all the conditions that oil companies were imposing on his business. His 17 year-old daughter was the catalyst for him to call the Electric Vehicle Institute and get a conversion going.

Maryland has about 21,000 electric vehicles. The supply of charging stations doesn’t meet the needs. Takoma Park had just two chargers. These new chargers at RS Automotive are among the over 600 charging stations located within the State of Maryland.

Removing gasoline tanks from underground. Image courtesy Electric Vehicle Institute and MD Governor’s office

The refueling station hosts high-powered (HP) 200 kilowatt (kw), four dispenser system, delivering 50 kws and higher for EV charging. Four EVs can charge simultaneously within 20 to 30 minutes under an illuminated canopy. A new 200 kw/HP charging system with DC fast charging capability is in place to support the EV station along with a certified repair facility that can handle all aspects of servicing, including battery pack replacement and disposal. (Source)

The EV station was jointly funded by the Maryland Energy Administration and Electric Vehicle Institute, is located along the Maryland/Washington, D.C. border. (Source)

RS Automotives still does oil changes and other combustion engine work in its shop, and still has a fully stocked convenience store.


(The feature image on this blog is courtesy of the Electric Vehicle Institute.)