“Olympic High School in Charlotte, NC, believes that teens should engage in a 9-12 grade experience which develops them as being ‘Career and College Ready.'” 

That’s what Michael Realon says. He is the academy and community development coordinator  at Olympic. ECC asked Michael to share his experience about getting students ready for science and technical careers, like in the electric industry. Having an ample and prepared energy workforce help consumers. Here’s what he told us —

Duke Energy engineer discusses new tech and careers with Olympic students

Olympic is the only high school in NC that offers its students five different career academies to on-board, including:

  • Academy of Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing
  • Academy of IT
  • Academy of Health Sciences

In all of these high demand paths a different board of directors of industry stakeholders lead the career academy in determining:

  • The sequence and what Career & Technical Education classes should be offered.
  • The sequence of 9-12 grade “work-based learning” for teens so they can gain 1) career and industry awareness; 2) career and industry exploration; 3) preparation and  intentional skill building.
  • The Work-Based Learning Continuum/Career Readiness Sequence represents the differentiating feature of a distinguished career academy.  These activities should be determined by the industry sector and requires their support for its successful execution.

Michael Realon

Olympic is only the 2nd high school in America to house 5 different career academies who have earned the “Distinguished” ranking from the National Academy Foundation.


Career image from Charlotte-Mecklenburg School website.