Roanoke Electric Cooperative’s  CEO and president Curtis Wynn has been in our blogs before. He has a keen eye for the future of the electric industry. “Trusted Energy Investors,” was the role Wynn says coops need to achieve. ECC sees that as a critical role for all power companies.

At the annual meeting of U.S. coops Wynn told other coop leaders that, “I want to make the case that, through well-planned and smart investments, we can make the next generation of electric cooperatives a reality for all of our members.” (Source)

Cited as forward-looking coops were:

  • Western Farmers Electric Cooperative in Oklahoma which convert the heating and cooling systems at Cherokee (OK) schools from natural gas to electric heat pumps. That helped reduce natural gas use 85 percent last winter.
  • Dakota Electric Association and Great River Energy, both in Minnesota, were the first co-ops to partner on an electric school bus. That pilot study is being shared with other coops.
  • Coops in Kentucky and Kansas have programs to make energy improvements to members’ homes. Members pay back monthly out of the average energy savings created.

Wynn understands how fast the power utility business is changing: “We must act boldly, with purpose and with a sense of urgency. … Speed to market is critical.”

The Carolinas are fortunate to have this utility leader in its ranks.


Feature image from Roanoke Electric’s digital media.