Just putting this out there. Just a “think about this” kind of thing.

Here’s the story. The United Arab Emirates will start-up its first nuclear power plant in a few weeks or so. At the same time, Sweden shut down one reactor at the end of 2019 and plans to shut down another in 2020 (two others continue to operate). Germany shut down a nuclear plant at the end of December and will close them all eventually.

The US, which has been a global leader in nuclear has shut down some units in the past few years, though as close-by as Georgia the nation has new ones being built.

The Middle East is known for its vast reserves of petroleum, yet it is turning to nuclear energy. Developed nations are not gung-ho on nuclear energy, which provides ample and carbon-free energy.

The world needs ample and clean energy or needs to drastically curtail its appetite for power. Is there a message to take when a world leader in one form of energy opts for a different way to address its own energy needs? Just saying…the world needs more clean energy as vast areas of the world still have no access to reliable power at all.

Read the column – UAE Set to Start First Nuclear Plant; Sweden, Germany Shut Units – in POWER magazine.


Feature image courtesy Vattenhall corporate media gallery, Ringhals’ reactors.