There was a report that the US would essentially be out of oil by ’28.

Oh, that was 1928. Then it was 1970. Make that 2000.

The news now is that the US will soon be a net energy exporter for the first time since after World War II.

Much of ECC blogging has been about electricity, but time was when “energy” always meant oil. Not so much the case anymore. We thought that it might be interesting to devote a Quick Take to a report we saw on CNBC. How the U.S. lost its energy independence (part 1 of a series)  It is a 12-minute summary of US oil from its discovery at the Drake Well in Pennsylvania in the 1800s up to the fracking revolution. A really objective look at oil and gas. (Click here.)

Offshore petroleum has been in the headlines in North and South Carolina recently. Debates are about testing to see if there may be oil or gas off the coast, or whether to drill.

We are not pushing oil and gas, but petroleum has been a big part of our nation’s energy history. It is good to understand history so we can better understand our present.

This video is an overview that packs a lot into 12 minutes.

About the Carolinas, here’s a sampling of oil stories.

WSPA – Greenville TV. South Carolina lawmakers make stance against offshore drilling very clear 

Charlotte ObserverOffshore drilling expansion, which Gov. Cooper opposed for NC, is reportedly frozen 

WUNC – NC Public Radio. Seismic Testing Approvals Reignite Debate About Offshore Drilling