Electric service outages happen oftentimes because of bad weather. Carolinians have heard a lot about power outages because of hurricanes. That’s because there can be a significant number of outages when violent weather happens. Usually lightning, high winds, and ice are the causes.

The Southeast is on the cusp of the official start of the hurricane season. June 1 is the official start date.

Duke Energy has a good site that looks at various ways to prepare for electric service emergencies here. Dominion Energy has information here.

Part of an outage map from Duke website. Helpful information; easy to find. (10/21/18)

There are outage maps available to the public:

  • South Carolina here.
  • North Carolina here.
  • Duke Energy here.
  • Dominion here.
  • SCE&G here. (The site was still active with that name as we wrote this column)
  • SC Coops here.
  • NC Coops here.

In the latest calendar year reporting there were almost 37 million people affected by more than 3,500 reported outages (source). As a nation, electric customers experienced an average of 1.3 interruptions and went without power for four hours during the year. (EIA) Averages are deceiving, though, as when some states (maybe like the Carolinas?) are hit by two hurricanes in a month,as in the recent past. That is a challenge.