From Scott Carlberg

North Carolina has posted a draft “Clean Energy Plan” for public comment.

The state website announcing the plan says:

After a robust stakeholder process, DEQ has prepared a draft of the North Carolina Clean Energy Plan for public discussion and comment. The draft plan is available for download and public comments about the draft plan may be submitted via the online form below.  

Comments will be accepted through Monday, September 9, 2019.  DEQ will consider the comments in preparing the final version of the Clean Energy Plan.  As specified in Executive Order 80, the Clean Energy Plan will be submitted to the Governor by October 1, 2019.

There is a short window to make comments, and that includes a national holiday. ECC will write more about the plan, but wants to get this message out to people on our network as quickly as possible.

The areas for action the plan recommends are shown here.

First drafts are just that. Good for getting ideas on the table, and this document does that. High-level labels need more depth if they are to move forward. Well-worn phrases can be tossed in favor of new ideas. (We already have a 21st Century workforce, like it or not.) 

Already weighing in is the Natural Resources Defense Council, saying of North Carolinians, “The top priority among participants [who provided plan input] was unequivocal — regulating carbon emissions, in other words, cutting climate pollution.”

This plan is a chance to forge collaboration, rise above politics and create an energy environment that attracts people to North Carolina. To do that, citizens of all stripes ought to weigh in, not just groups with special interests. 

Provide your input here. Or, search NC clean energy plan draft, then scroll down to the input section. It is important that citizens express their views.