“Each of the 6 D’s presents both a challenge and an opportunity,” says an opinion piece in electric industry magazine Transmission and Distribution World. The column has a good, brief overview of electric industry challenges for consumers. We thought you may like to know the list. (Our explanations, unless there are quote marks.)

  • Distributed: Power coming from many sources, not just huge central power plants.
  • Decarbonization: Creating power without putting carbon in the air. Some examples: Hydro, wind, nuclear, solar, wave energy. Don’t forget conservation!
  • Digitization: “In the near future, everything is communicating with every other thing and working together to semi or autonomously operate the grid.”
  • Democratization: That means more customer control through smart home, self generation, consumers who keep learning about energy.
  • Defensible: Reliable, resilient, carbon-free, not hackable, power.
  • Drain: Of the the energy workforce, that is. “We are seeing more and more experienced workers walk out the door and potentially taking all their knowledge with them.” This is big. Real big.

The electric industry is making big changes – more players, more consumer education and possibilities. Lots to do!