Three years of discussion about what to do with Santee Cooper has produced three years of debates about what to do with Santee Cooper. While the debates continue, as does Santee Cooper debt, and stories of an in-the-ditch company culture, something interesting happened in South Carolina.

The company that has offered to buy Santee Cooper and get it in shape – NextEra – proposed, built, and made operational about 75 megawatts of solar power near Aiken, South Carolina.

Done. Delivered. Oh, and it brings in $9 million of tax revenue to Aiken County over the life of the facility. While South Carolina legislators struggle to resolve billion-dollar problems created by Santee Cooper’s mismanagement, NextEra quietly and efficiently delivered clean energy to the state.

The takeaway: Some companies fuss, others find solutions. Some cannot, others just get it done. Some utility customers have a company that is moving ahead, others have one hardly moving.

NextEra does it. Santee Cooper discusses it.

Think of how good it can be if Santee Cooper had this kind of drive with a new owner like NextEra.


Feature image: Shaw Creek Solar Energy Center near Aiken, SC