An old term in electric power has a new meaning. Resilience. The definition is different now and reflects how the industry is changing.

A recent column we saw called, Behind the Buzzword: A Brief History of Energy ‘Resiliency’, does a terrific job describing the change. Essentially, resilience used to mean getting the power quickly restored when it was out. Now it means to do what ought to be done to prevent any outage. Think ahead, plan ahead, take action to prevent a disturbance. Lead.

There’s a lot more to the new idea of resilience. Check the column to dig into the current thinking.

As ECC looks at the new application of resilience, we also see this: Electric companies are increasingly being judged on their ability not just to correct a problem but prevent it. They are judged by their ability to plan and execute wisely and not just react. They will increasingly be judged by the way they manage themselves so they can best serve their customers before customers even can voice their needs.

Power companies will be scrutinized by the way they have treated their resources, customers, and their service territories to gauge the way they can deliver for the future.