Electric vehicle (EV) buyers need confidence that they won’t have to worry about finding places to charge them when needed. That was the observation from an investment site recently.

ECC noticed that column because we just ran several electric vehicle blogs, noting that the infrastructure for charging is a big EV hurdle. We noted that McDonalds has been trying out some charging stations. The investment article noted: “Ruby Tuesday, Sonic, Culvers, Buffalo Wild Wings, and many others have all installed chargers at some of their locations. That’s been one-off so far…”

The build-out is starting, though, and it will happen. The ease of charging must be managed. The plug must be as easy and universal as the nozzle going into a gasoline-powered car. Locations must be as easy to find and use. New charging locations have to pop-up to make driving an EV not worrisome … at grocery stores, restaurants, shopping centers, offices, the dentist, gym, apartment developments.

ECC wonders, though. When the gasoline tank is low you are said to be running on fumes. What replaces that phrase with EVs? Wondering about that trickles our fancy.

BTW, look how much of our petroleum goes to transportation, below. There is a lot of room for electric vehicle growth. (Source – EIA)


Since we wrote about electric vehicles, here’s an interesting opinion piece in MarketWatch. The headline: Why its only a matter of time before oil runs out and electric vehicles power ahead.