Electrification of our society is seen as a way to improve our environment. Fewer emissions. Cleaner fuels.

A Portland, Maine, organization is showing one way to make that move to electrification. This is neat.

The organization is ecomaine, a waste-to-energy facility that serves 70 Maine communities with waste disposal and recycling services. “Household waste is incinerated and converted into electricity, which ecomaine sells and feeds onto the electric grid,” says the Portland, Maine, Press Herald. That Waste-to-Energy facility is pictured below.

Now ecomaine will use Lion Electric Company trucks and charge them with the power they make. These all-electric trucks will use only 25 percent of the current fuel budget over six years, reduce vehicle maintenance costs and eliminate emissions.

Maybe more, too. “Lion’s representatives have found maintenance costs can be reduced by at least 60% over diesel —​ a number that could actually be as high as 75% to 80% since expensive maintenance needs often arise later in a vehicle’s lifespan and their electric trucks haven’t been on the road that long yet.” (Source)

In the Press Herald the CEO of ecomaine said, “The fact that we are using trucks to haul waste that are also powered by waste really closes the loop on the story of Maine’s trash.”


Feature image courtesy of Lion Electric