Energy Consumers of the Carolinas extends a huge thank you to our veterans. Not only have they put themselves out there to defend our nation, but many of them also use their skills in the electric energy industry after their service to the country. They go to work for our electric utilities.

Troops to Energy road map

About 11 percent of investor-owned utility employees are veterans. About 22 percent of nuclear energy employees are veterans.

In the Carolinas, utilities of all kinds – investor-owned, coops, public power – welcome veterans, people who are tested and ready to work.

If you are a veteran and are interested in becoming an employee of a utility, check the Troops to Energy Jobs Initiative, which is designed to help veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserves make successful transitions into the energy industry. This site has an interactive road map to understand how to transfer military training to a new energy job.

Utilities across the Carolinas provide opportunities to veterans. Some examples:

  • “Together We Stand” is a 450-member, veteran-focused Duke Energy employee resource group that mentors newly hired veterans at the company.
  • Duke Energy supports Enable America, a nonprofit group that provides training and job placement assistance to disabled veterans and transitioning service members.
  • In 2015, Dominion Energy began offering the Student Veteran Service Award to the company’s summer interns and co-op students who are active in the military or who have honorably separated or retired from the military.
  • South River Electric Member Coop’s Boots to Buckets helps veterans get into line worker careers.

Utilities near the Carolinas also have veteran and military programs. Utilities such as:

Whether veterans work in a utility that makes and distributes electricity, or a company in the Carolinas like Siemens, ABB, or CREE, that manufactures electric parts for the grid or our homes, ECC says, thank you for all you do!