I have never ridden a bucking bronco, but I think I may get an idea of what it is like. Even having been a tech entrepreneur and a mom, getting to know the new wild-west of the energy world looks like a challenge. You’ll be seeing my byline in Energy Consumers of the Carolinas.

As a single working mom, I look for strength to change what I can, patience to accept things I can’t change, and how to know difference. Maybe too often I allow things I don’t understand — well, like energy — to slide into the category of things I can’t change. I just pay the bill and move on.

There’s more to it than paying the bill, though. Becoming an educated consumer is a choice, and a choice I have made. I want to understand where electricity comes from, how it is delivered, how much it costs, and why. What’s to know about nuclear, solar, wind, and other forms of energy? How do we use electric power and in what ways might we cut back on that use?

As an entrepreneur I know that access to capital, workforce and sustainable infrastructure are essential to any business. Success doesn’t come from thin air and best wishes. As a mom, I know that keeping our neighborhoods, shops, and schools powered-up is a central concern for immediate and long-term security.

You and I “sit on the same side of the table,” as people who plug in everyday.

Energy is an industry that is changing as fast as any I saw in the tech world. I may not have the power (pun intended) to change any of these things, but I will hold that judgment in reserve right now. We’ll see. Join me. Hold on for a good ride.